Our story begins back in the late 80’s, thanks to the hard work of Professors/Scientists specializing in the field of plant agriculture and biochemistry at the University of Guelph, Canada, with their early research on flower senescence and the breakdown of microsomal membranes. This lead to follow on work, studying the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Through decades of scientific research and field trials, and collaboration with Universities across six Countries, the Professors refined a formulation, as well as procedures that have been proven to significantly increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Peak Harvest was founded by the founding Professors, Universities and business supporters that are now focused on bringing this product to market, to allow this game-changing technology to have a positive impact on the growing global food waste crisis.


Every year, growers produce more than enough food to feed the world’s population. Yet almost 1 billion people are hungry, and considered chronically undernourished.

The fruits and vegetables segment is one that suffers the highest loss rates, with around 45% of global production going to waste. We believe this is a problem that Peak Harvest can make a positive contribution to, and is devoted to making a difference.